British Winter Time

British Winter Time

Dear Customer,

The clocks go back this weekend - that reassuring rhythm of the seasons! I’m very much a bystander to the changes - the past six weeks have seen me recovering from a leg fracture: nearly there but not quite! And grateful for the love & kindness of family, friends, customers & neighbours - overwhelmed in fact.
I cannot wait to be back in the shop!

In the meantime we’re putting more pieces on the website, giving you a flavour of the wonderful designs we hold in our Rugby Street shop.
New collections are arriving daily - Samuel Coraux and Christina Brampti are imminent, fresh fragrances from the south of France, stunning pieces by Philippe Ferrandis. More Angela Caputi from Florence in a week….
Acknowledging the shift in season, exquisite gloves, hats & socks from Milan & Japan
And the scarves! Épice Design, Bonamano & Ferrari, Storiatipic - the best!
It fills us with great joy
And whilst I’ve had time these past weeks to be still, to think & to reflect on the passing of the seasons I can truly say that love is the one thing that transcends time…..

You know who you are and you’ve been magnificent!

With love,
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