This story started in the south of France with the purchase of a stunning necklace in a Perpignan boutique in the winter of 2001. I returned six months later to find another. What struck me about both pieces was their individuality and exceptionally original design. The designer was Philippe Ferrandis. I tracked him down to his studio in Paris, and there began our close professional relationship, which is still going strong today. We are also delighted to offer our customers the work of other carefully chosen designers, including that of Florence based Angela Caputi, Samuel Coraux from Paris and Athens designer Christina Brampti. These are only some of the designers in a much bigger portfolio. We complement these collections with a carefully edited collection of beautiful scarves and unique accessories from designers such as Epice and Bonamano & Ferrari.

Whilst the online shop gives you a flavour of the work of some of the designers, the Rugby Street shop is full of many more wonderful things!