Restart 3

Restart 3

Dear Customer,

Well, we’ve finally eased back into shop life once more, and Rugby & Lambs Conduit Streets are slowly springing back to life. It reminds me of Sleeping Beauty awakening - only a little quicker than her 100 years, though that’s what it’s felt like! And we didn’t get kissed by a prince!

We’ve received some fabulous collections for this season - our designers have excelled. And we have the most beautiful window created by the supremely talented Jacqui Mair. Not only beautiful but practical - these vases, decorated on both sides, have been created with handmade paper. They look great with both real & faux flowers. All are signed. There are 3 sizes in this limited edition, and they range from £75

So, our doors are now open from Monday to Saturday 11am - 5pm for the foreseeable future. We hope and pray that things only get better and lockdowns are well & truly consigned to the past. We shall see!

We hope you are well, and we send our love,

With love,
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