The Passage of Time!

The Passage of Time!

Dear Customer,

How did the month of May happen so quickly?
Our trading community is slowly coming back to full life after its brutal bashing. We’ve dusted ourselves down and it’s heartening to see the regeneration. New businesses are opening - the most recent is Honey & Co on the corner of Rugby Street & Lambs Conduit Street, due to open on 28th May.

We’re well into the summer selling season with the shop swimming in vibrant colours from our fabulous designers. Plain, printed and painted linen scarves from Paris & Milan, shopping bags from Madrid. Necklaces configured in every imaginable colour & material. Earrings and bracelets similarly so. 

A reminder that we cannot sell the collections from Florentine, Angela Caputi, online but we’re happy to assist in whatever way we can. We know there are many fans of her work. As there are for Philippe Ferrandis, Samuel Coraux, Christina Brampti, Epicé, Sans Arcidet…… the list goes on!
We hope you like what you see!

We wish you a happy summer

With love,
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